environmental solutions

Stakeholder Management

  • Ongoing Operational Stakeholder Management

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social and labour solutions
Water Solutions-01

Geohydrology & Water Treatment/Monitoring

  • Operational Water Balances
  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Strategies
  • Water Use Licence Compliance Monitoring
  • Irrigation/Distribution System Analysis
  • Borehole/Dam Water Treatment Options
  • Water Usage and Leak Monitoring
  • Effluent Treatment and dewatering
  • Sustainable Treatment and Bottling Solutions
  • Unique Water Solutions: Treatment at Source
  • Bioremediation making use of consortiums of naturally occurring bacteria in partnership with iWater
  • Biomonitoring (SASS5)
  • Mini-SASS5 voluntary work
  • Geohydrological Studies, including the following:
    • Baseline geohydrological investigations
    • Contaminated land investigations
    • Hydrocensus surveys
    • Geophysical surveys
    • Borehole drilling
    • Aquifer testing and borehole sampling
    • Groundwater and surface water monitoring services
    • Hydrochemistry and geochemistry assessments
    • Aquifer vulnerability assessments
    • Waste assessments
    • Numerical groundwater modelling
    • Mine water management (dewatering etc.)

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Rehabilitation & Closure

  • Assisting with Strategic Closure Planning
  • Identifying Life of Mine Strategies
  • Compilation of Financial Provisioning Assessments / Reports
  • Compiling Risk Assessments
  • Reviewing environmental authorisations to determine the adequacy of liability costs
  • Compiling Annual Rehabilitation Plans
  • Compiling Annual Remediation Plans
  • Identifying Cost Saving Initiatives
  • Compiling Closure Certificate Applications
  • Implementation

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energy and waste solutions

Energy & Waste

  • Carbon Regulatory and Voluntary reporting
  • Business Water Footprinting (ISO 14046)
  • Energy & Resource Efficiency Auditing
  • Energy Monitory and Targeting programming
  • ISO50001, implementation auditing
  • Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Assessments
  • Compiling Energy Risk mitigation strategies
  • Assisting with on-site and off-site power purchase agreements (ESCo)
  • Identifying Renewable Energy Strategies
  • Implementing Climate Change Strategies
  • GHG inventory development and reporting (ISO 14064-1 & 14064-2)
  • GHG data verification and identifying Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)
  • Carbon Project verification and ISO 14064-3 validation
  • Providing assurance on water, waste recycled, the total carbon footprint covering scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions, Nox, Sox, and Fly Ash emissions
  • Finding alignment with European Union Emissions Trading System and Voluntary
  • Carbon Schemes: UK Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting SECR builds on existing requirements that companies may face, like mandatory GHG reporting for quoted companies, the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Climate Change Agreements (CCA) Scheme

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License Applications

  • Mining Right Applications
  • Mining Permit Applications
  • Prospecting Right Applications
  • Land Use Management Applications
  • Preparation and submission of the full suite of environmental permits and authorisations (environmental authorisation, waste management, water use and atmospheric emission licence)
  • Public participation processes and stakeholder engagement
  • Management of specialist
  • Authority liaison and meetings to determine the correct procedures to be followed
  • Environmental Legal applications for environmental authorisation and/or waste management license report writing:
    • Basic assessment
    • Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment Reports / Environmental Management Programmes (EMPRs)
  • Amendment and variation applications for Environmental Authorisations, EMPRs and Waste licences
  • Water use licence Applications, Administrative amendments & Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMPs)
  • GIS Mapping

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Environmental Licencing
07 Technical Advisory-01

Technical Advisory for Operations

  • Assisting mining houses with in-house support for environmental technical advice and solutions
  • Advice, management and peer review of environmental licensing applications
  • Project management of environmental licensing process and implementation progress
  • Providing expert advice to on-site environmental managers
  • Environmental legal scans
  • Review of project implementation readiness

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