Our illustration and animation department is a vital part in our company dynamic, adding a creative and unique flair to our work. It helps to make complicated subjects, processes and projects easy and quick to understand. We use this versatile tool in all of our projects, proposals, reports, checklists, training, workshop documents, environmental awareness campaigns and more.

This department not only raises the quality of our work but also plays a vital role in the work we do for charity. We participate in exciting projects, which include illustrating children’s books and creating animated videos dedicated to Conservation Initiatives.

Bee Farming

Early in 2020 we started the Apiary (Bee farm) of the “Wings Sanctuary”. Although the project is still young and we still have a long way to go, the Apiary has grown greatly since its inception and we harvested our first honey in February 2021. Our apiary is only a small part of our establishment of a “Wings Sanctuary”. We have a vision of working with partners to establish sanctuaries for all pollinators by promoting natural habitation and plant diversity in impacted areas.

Charity work

  • Raising awareness for NGO donations
  • Raising funds for Medical Trust Funds
  • Assisting with Corporate Social Investment initiatives
  • Raising Environmental Awareness
  • Compiling children’s books
  • Showcasing educational content through illustration and animation

Our chosen NPO for 2021 is HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) where we are now proud foster parents of two young elephants, Pisa and Khanyisa.

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