About Us

OMI Solutions (Pty) Ltd “OMI” is an Environmental and Agricultural Engineering consultancy, founded in 2018, offering an array of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering services, predominantly in the mining sector.

OMI is a Level 2 contributor to B-BBEE with 91% women ownership and 30% employee ownership. OMI has grown exponentially since 2018, establishing a head office, an Apiary/Wings Sanctuary, and a Research Facility in South Africa’s Capital – Pretoria.

Vision & Mission

OMI follows the ideology of insects with its focus on “Fit for Purpose and Powerful Solutions”. Its Vision is to add value to its clients through innovative implementation that improves sustainability, reduces environmental liabilities and minimises risk. OMI is constantly trying to find creative and effective solutions for the rehabilitation of impacted areas. OMI leads by example by promoting Powerful Solutions with Gentle Delivery.

Our Mission is to “Make a Difference” by giving back to those who need help the most and for those who are already making a difference through conservation initiatives. Some of the initiatives that we have been involved in include illustrated children’s books, animated videos dedicated to conservation initiatives, fostering orphan elephants and supporting the Afrika Tikkun initiative that empowers youth from cradle to career. In 2023, the organisations that we have donated to include Kwetsima Cakes. Missio Dei SA and Eshowe Highschool. We proudly support Charities and NGOs/NPO’s based in the Middle East, Africa, and South Africa.

In 2020 we initiated the establishment of a “Wings Sanctuary”, starting our first Apiary (a bee farm), which doubled in size in 2021. In 2022 our apiary expanded exponentially with the acquisition of more bee colonies and the establishment of more apiary sites. OMI now establishes apiary farms across South Africa with farms being established in the Limpopo and Cape Province in 2023. OMI also aims to offer opportunities for the disabled with these farms, empowering them with a purpose.

Our Services

ESG Services

  • ESG strategy development
  • ESG conformance audits and verification
  • ESG performance measurement and benchmarking
  • ESG due diligence and risk assessment
  • ESG reporting and disclosure
  • ESG training and education

Environmental/Sustainability Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental and social due diligence
  • Auditing
  • Regulatory and risk assessment

Environmental Monitoring

  • Water monitoring
  • Dust fall-out monitoring
  • Biomonitoring (SASS5)
  • Mini-SASS5 voluntary work
  • Geo-tagging

Financial Provisioning & Closure

  • Assisting with strategic closure planning
  • Identification of:
    • Life of mine strategies
    • Cost saving initiatives
  • Compilation of:
    • Financial provisioning assessments/reports and more.

Research, Development & Remediation

  • Establishment and management of Wings Sanctuaries for bees, butterflies and dragonflies
  • Apiary (bee) farming establishment
  • Undertaking bee swarm rescue and relocation

Environmental Licensing

  • Environmental screening and feasibility studies
  • Applications for:
    • Mining rights
    • Mining permits
    • Exploration and prospecting rights
  • Environmental regulatory applications


In October 2018 the odds were against us. All we could do was look up and let God be our “wings”, and with his plan we started this journey. The goal is to give back and make a positive impact.

OMI: The letter “O” is our Company colour, “Orange” and it is dedicated to our creative friends who through tough times helped with cash flow and to always remind us of our humble beginnings. The letter “M” is the first letter of the Founder's surname, “Mellett” and the letter “I” represents what the company stands for “Integrity”.

We choose to work with Integrity, we choose to lead with Integrity, and we choose to provide “Fit for Purpose Solutions” with Integrity.

OMI Ethos

Our illustration and animation department is a vital part in our company dynamic, adding a creative and unique flair to our work.

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Early in 2020 we started our first Apiary (Bee farm) and “Wings Sanctuary” in Pretoria which has grown greatly since its inception.

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Raising awareness for NGO donations, Raising funds for Medical Trust Funds, Assisting with Corporate Social Investment initiatives

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